How do you track your book collection? If you’re like me, you have a lot of books. They’re on bookshelves, packed away in boxes, or sitting in stacks on the floor. Some are unread, others read long ago but still remembered. And some, well maybe started and never finished. But in the homes of most readers, there are books.

Probably like you, I’ve used paper lists, which perhaps gave way to something ‘exotic’ like an excel spreadsheet to track my books. But keeping those lists up to date was often more tedious than the benefits the lists provided.

But I recently discovered a software tool that tracks my books, whether I’ve read them one time or a hundred, and tells me, to any degree I wish to track, where they are. That tool is called CLZ Books.  There are versions of the program available for Windows, Mac, Apple IOS and Android platforms.  And CLZ has its own cloud base to keep everything synchronized across your devices.


Using the Program

What’s more, entry is a breeze. The easiest way is to enter the book’s ISBN. This can be done by typing it manually, or even faster by scanning the ISBN bar code with your phone’s camera or desktop webcam. The program then searches CLZ’s database of books and gives you a complete entry, including title, author(s), publisher, number of pages, and other relevant information.  You can then personalize the entry with items such as the owner of the book (you or maybe some other family member), the location of the book, and whether you’ve read it.  You can even create more specific locations, such as a particular shelf in your living room book case.


Books are also easily sorted by title, by author, or other criteria such as genre. Your collection can be displayed by their book covers, as shown in the example, or in a sorted list.  And any changes you make to your entries are uploaded to the CLZ cloud for syncing to additional devices.

All versions of the software are now free. You pay a one-time fee based on the number of books you have in your collection.

And for those with other pursuits, CLZ also makes software to similarly track movies, music albums, comics, and games.