Most of us realize that there is a lot of work which goes into producing a written work, particularly a novel. The scene that takes five minutes to read may have taken the author hours to script, plot, write, edit, re-write, and edit some more. Of course, the reader is rewarding the author on one level by purchasing his/her book. But if we truly appreciate the time and dedication that went into the pages that give us a few hours of enjoyment, there’s another important step for each reader: Support the author with a review.

“But what if I didn’t like the book?” That’s okay. As long as the review is honest and respectful, no one says it has to be glowing. In fact, critics and authors themselves look for those reviews that might be stellar. It can help the author improve his/her writing skills, as well as provide a measure of validity to the entire review process. No book, no matter what the lofty credentials of the author, is perfect. Authors, if they are honest about it, know that and acknowledge it. But we all strive to be, if not perfect, at least a better writer in the current book that we might have been in the last one.

That’s not to say, of course, that you shouldn’t rate a book with five stars if you truly believe the work merits it. Authors, like everyone else, need a pat on the back once in a while and an acknowledgement of ‘job well done,’ even if there’s room for improvement. There always is.

But the common thread here is to support an author with a review. A review is useless to the author if it doesn’t exist.


A few days ago I ran across a meme on Facebook which describes very well the attributes of supporting an author through a review. The meme was uncredited so I don’t know who originally created it, but I’m re-creating it here as a guide for all readers:



  • Purchase their work (Avoid pirating sites)
  • Always click “like” on Amazon and click on the tagged descriptions of their books
  • Review their work on Amazon & Goodreads
  • Join their fan pages – PARTICIPATE
  • Share links, tell your friends, get others involved.