NewRetributionCoverEbookSmallA woman is brutally murdered in Santa Rosa, California and her two young children are missing.  Detective Angela Masters must find the killer and, more importantly, save the lives of the innocent young girls.




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NOTE: This is a major revision of the book “Retribution” published in 2012. The revision eliminated some minor characters and some scenes, and also resequenced other scenes. However, the storyline remains the same.)



Book Synopsis

The peace of a Santa Rosa neighborhood is shattered by the brutal murder of a woman and the kidnapping of her two young daughters. There is no apparent motive for the crime and no ransom demand, but the evidence suggests a personal connection.

Detective Angela Masters is assigned to the case, and it becomes apparent early on that the killer no longer has custody of the kidnapped girls.

Even when the killer is captured in another state, there is no clue to the whereabouts of the girls and concern for their welfare mounts.  Angi’s concerns are heightened when she learns that the killer might be released prematurely on the other state’s charges and she still doesn’t have a solid case against him.

Adding to her worries is the possibility that the killer, once free, might see the girls as a liability and murder them, if indeed he, or someone else hasn’t already done so.

Can Angi locate the girls, and find the critical missing pieces of the puzzle to put the killer away before other innocent people suffer?