The Angela Masters Detective Novel series is set in the 1980‘s. Because of this, Detective Angela Masters and her fellow investigators do not have the advantages of DNA, modern cell phones, or other sophisticated technology. Instead, they rely on their training, instincts, and observations to solve horrendous crimes.

The series currently includes five novels. Each story has elements of two or more actual police cases, although the stories themselves are fictional. Each story also stands alone so the books do not have to be read in any particular order. However, they appear above in the order they were written, beginning with “Retribution.”




Angi MastersAngela Masters, the principal character, is a fictional detective in the Santa Rosa, California Police Violent Crimes Unit. Angi, as she is known, is considered by her peers to be a workaholic. She considers herself dedicated and takes pride in going over every detail, leaving no stone unturned. Her personna is a driving force in the novels. Yet, she isn’t beyond using extraordinary measures to get at the truth and bring violent criminals to justice.  She is also burdened by terrible events from her past.


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